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Oil pressure sending unit, 2007 Griso 1100
« on: April 29, 2015, 07:50:50 PM »
First off I would like to say to Curtis Harper, I aint mad.

Next, the usual blather about red oil cans on the dash and the realization that I am again in need of a new oil pressure sending unit, the second one in the space of less than a year. Do all these units have such a short service life, or is it just Sophia?

Anyway, Harper's sends me a new one, mentions that the supplier has changed the unit, and that I might need an adapter. I get the new unit, and sure enough I need tha adpter. The next week I recieve the adapter, only now I have another problem. The sending unit is cleverly tucked in under the alternater, with just enough room to get a box end wrench on it, at least on most other Grisos of this model year. I am forced to take off the alternater, because a casting defect on the crankcase is in the way of using a box end wrench. I lived with the defect the last time I swapped the sending unit, but this time I took a grinding stone to the area around the unit, and voila! No problemo. The problem is that the adapter stands proud of the crankcase about 3/4 of an inch, and in the way of actually putting the alternater back on. Curtis allows as how he has a few of the older sending units and sends me one, only it isn't quite the same as the original unit. The new unit has a bullet connecter and now makes the unit almost as tall as unit with the new adapter.

So, if I am eventually going to have to use the new style unit, I am considering using Swagelok fittings so that I can cock the sending unit sideways. I know that Swagelok fittings can handle several thousand psi of air pressure but I not so sure about liquid pressure. Anyone have any thoughts?


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