Author Topic: May SWVA Guzzi lunch meet this Saturday  (Read 786 times)

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May SWVA Guzzi lunch meet this Saturday
« on: May 11, 2015, 09:41:30 AM »
The May SWVA Guzzi lunch meet is this coming Saturday, May 16TH at 1:00 PM.  Special time for something special.   From my first post:
An early heads-up for a special lunch gathering this month. Sam Knapp has invited the group to his home in Halifax Va for a cook-out. Sam is a self proclaimed "grilling nut" and says he will be preparing variety of meats. Sam's wife Christine will be preparing home made coleslaw to go with the meats. Sam would very much appreciate an idea of how many folks he'll be cooking for, so mark May 16TH on your calendar & please let Sam know you'll be coming. Sam's phone (540) 556-8260, email "sam(dot)knapp(at)gmail(dot)com".  Sam writes:

"My address is 1160 Grubby Road, Halifax, VA 24558. Many GPS units are inaccurate and take you to a place about a half mile from me. I have a brick house with a large oak tree right at the road. I will have my Guzzi (sidecar) rig out front within sight of the road to help".
And more recently:

"I've only had Nate reply for his wife and himself. I have pork shoulder, turkey breast, and a beef tri tip to smoke. Regardless of who shows, we shall have a good lunch!"

I hope we have a great Guzzi turn-out & that other Va Guzzi riders choose to step-up & invite the group to their homes. I've done it once myself, & while a lot of work, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. So, please let Sam know you're coming & ride on down to Halifax this Saturday.
My phone (home-best) (434)993-3841, (SD Cel) (434)426-3329 Cel is for emergencies (SD=Spawn-of-the-Devil)
Ride safe, see ya there,
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